Keep Fighting . Be Strong. Stay Alive WARRIORS not sicklers

Sickle Cell Anemia is not a DEATH SENTENCE!

Welcome to HASC foundation

Supporting sickle cell warriors and creating awareness throughout the globe about the disease

Embrace your body

As a sickle cell warrior we can help you find out how to make peace with your looks and embrace your shape

Mind and body in sync

We all live life in the present moment, and it can be best enjoyed when mind and body are in sync. When the body falls in line of the mind, you remain naturally relaxed, alert, open and aware.

Live healthy and stay alive

As a sickle warrior people get scared that you might die early, but NO, eat healthy and keep a positive mindset

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To be recognized and trusted as the premier center for effective treatment and care for people living with sickle cell disease.

We have a care unit for sickle cell warriors.

At HASC foundation we have dedicated and loving team members at our care unit ready to support you mentally and emotionally by hearing you out when you need someone to talk to. We will not only hear you out but will also support you in provision of drugs, give counsel and put you in our support system as long as you allow us . We just love to be there for sickle cell warriors and help them remain strong !

Educating the public and creating awareness about the disease.

We strongly believe that one of the ways to eradicate the disease is by creating awareness and letting people know the essence of knowing their genotype and that of their partner to know if they compatible or not. We also educate the public on how to care for sickle cell warriors and properly support them.

Giving to the community, making sure no one is left out

Everyone needs love and care, we periodically give relief items to affected areas within the community and also support the people that need intensive care.


To provide ultra effective and quality care through a holistic approach.


You too can get involved!!

WARRIORS not sicklers!!!