Our Support System In Pictures & Videos

We hope to put smiles on the faces of every sickle cell warrior by supporting and letting them know that we care.

At HASC foundation we educate and create awareness about the sickle cell anemia from time to time throughout Nigerian. we spread LOVE and HOPE,  pictures from some of our events

Anyone can get involved by helping to stop Sickle Cell Anemia !

Cruising with Pain

Watch this video, directed and shot by Hafeez Adeyemi. It was shot in LA, California. The story is about a young woman who struggles with keeping the secret of her being a sickle cell patient from her boyfriend.

Gifting the needy

Join our support unit, help a sickle cell warrior smile

You too can help put a big smile on people living with the disease and also help spread the sickle cell anemia awareness campaign by donating relief materials or funds to buy necessary drugs for the warriors who cant afford them.

Not crying or not screaming doesnt mean there’s no pain, doesn’t mean you have to dismiss our pain, doesn’t mean we are lying. Some of us just do a better job at hiding it with a smile or joke. Our cries and screams are done in silence, behind closed doors because we want to be strong not just for us but for the people around us.

Hafeez Adeyemi

Founder (HASC Foundation)

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Have you seen "Lola" ? a short-film based on Sickle Cell

By Hafeeez adeyemi

Our Partners

Epiconsult Diagnostics is a walk in Sickle Cell center and more, this health center is one of our Visions, A place a lot of sickle cell warriors have always hoped for and I can tell you that it feels like home here.

A place all warriors can be seen, cared for properly and treated well like they deserve. A place where you are not just a patient but a family.

Epiconsult is about the only place in Abuja and Nigeria that will offer an Exchange Blood Transfusion plan to all Warriors and patients in need of the services.

If you have the Sickle Cell disorder, then join us, use our platform, and let us help you overcome some of the challenges the illness causes. If you haven’t then join our group of supporters – help us to raise awareness about the disease; help us to raise vital funds for research and education for sickle cell warriors. Together we can stop the pain

Be Positive

Stand Up and Fight

You can live a full, active life when you have sickle cell anemia. You can take part in most of the same activities as other people. Making smart choices is important in keeping the condition from flaring into a full-blown crisis.


You won’t have total control over how SCD affects you, but there are simple steps you can take to manage pain and to reduce your chances of problems.